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How We're Different

We are Not Your Typical Financial Advisor

Find Out Why

We are a fee-only fiduciary

We take a holistic & integrated approach

We are tax focused

Most people focus on taxes annually in April when their tax return is due. Many advisors who don’t prepare taxes neglect to incorporate the ultimate tax impact into their recommendations. Taking this approach, however, overlooks significant opportunities, some of which are no longer available once the tax year has ended.

We assimilate potential tax consequences into all areas of financial planning to uncover tax-minimization opportunities. We also project future taxes so you know what to expect when tax filing season arrives, and we'll even prepare and file your taxes so that well-laid plans get implemented as expected.

We do not have a minimum account size

Many investment advisors work only with wealthy clients and require them to move most or all their assets to the advisor since their fees are directly related to the value of the assets the advisor manages.

We have no minimum account sizes and will never tell you to consolidate assets unless it is in your own personal best interest.

We are a member of Alliance of Comprehensive Planners

Central Park Financial Planning is a member of the nonprofit organization Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, a core group of over 150 tax-focused, highly credentialed and experienced financial planners who are committed to being collaborative and ethical fee-only advisors. As fee-only fiduciary financial planners using the retainer model for compensation, ACP members provide a distinct alternative in the marketplace. For more information, visit www.acplanners.org.

We leverage the knowledge, experience and creativity of fellow ACP members to develop sound advice and effective strategies for our clients.

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